Support Specialist (Lyon or Paris)

Remote · Lyon, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, France


We're a small, passionate team building a product for 500,000+ users

You'll play a central role by helping each team make great decisions:

A bit of us: GitBook team and culture

We are the people who care. We believe that our users deserve the support that they need. To achieve this goal, we think that the role of support isn't limited to simply answering tickets, but that it extends to working closely with the product team, the developers, the designers and the sales team. You are driven by a real desire to help our users, so your opinion should matter.

With over 500,000 registered users, we at GitBook are working hard to create the best documentation tool ever. And because we believe great things are made by great people, we are looking for a great new Support Representative.

You’ll be working closely with every single team within GitBook. You’ll have a look at and an opinion about upcoming features, you’ll be writing parts of our documentation, you’ll discuss with our sales team about adding humanity to a simple e-mail.

You will be the voice of our users within the team, as you share their feedbacks and feelings about our product, to stay on the right path. You will be the voice of GitBook as you interact with our users by email, Twitter or Facebook.



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